The company IOANNOU CONFECTIONERY has been operating since 1953, has a vertical plant for the production of quality sweets and ice cream desserts that consist of 17 different categories and currently exceeds 400 different species. He has vast experience and know-how in the field of invests in state-of-the-art machinery, highly trained human resources and integrates traditional recipes into the growing demands of the consumer public through from the correct processing of the quality raw materials used, the production, standardization and marketing of high quality products, always seeking the development of an ideal relationship quality-price.
Therefore, through the application of technological innovations and methodologies as well the willingness to maintain at a high level the production of new quality products, is considered to have the training required in the food sector to undertake the design, development and support for the production of dessert ice cream with integration into the existing production line traditional rice bran ice cream, but also rice milk and / or rice cream with parallel composition and production of new recipes for accompanying cookies from vegetable flour and fruits and finally their promotion to the general public.
The company ERGOPLANNING LTD (ERGO), will be responsible for the financial and administrative management of specific project. In particular, it will undertake the elaboration of the techno-economic analysis of the design of innovative recipes and the cost of producing both dessert ice cream and growing processing of raw materials (fruits and vegetables to be used) (cost comparison production model of conventional ice cream dessert) and will take action promoting the results and disseminating the produced products to the general public, in schools groups, hotel facilities, patisseries and supermarkets, through creation logo, website, brochures, interactive educational application, etc.
QLAB company, due to its specialized experience in providing integrated services in the agri-food and bioenergy sector will undertake quality control, chemical analysis of raw materials and final products to evaluate their special quality characteristics and their microbial load by the storage stage.
Finally, for the execution of the research part of the proposal, the participation of a research body such as the Institute of Genetic Improvement & Phytogenetic Resources of ELGO-DEMETER is necessary. In this Institute is the only department in Greece that deals exclusively with rice research, with main activities the creation of new varieties and seed production, the study and improvement of rice cultivation practices, precision agriculture, and the utilization of residues or by-products of the rice industry for the creation of fertilizers or innovative and functional products for human consumption. It has a detailed laboratory with capabilities and machines for food creation and analysis, while it collaborates on food issues with respective Dairy (Ioannina) and Veterinary (Thessaloniki) departments of the Organization.
Expected Results
  • Development of a new range of products for the company, with the creation of a functional food, but also egg powder.

  • Creation of the final basic recipe of ice cream enriched with PR or lactose free ice cream, on which the industry will be able to alternate flavors and colors.

  • Creating products for vulnerable groups or special groups of consumers

  • Use of products from Greece with emphasis on Central Macedonia
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