IOANNOU CONFECTIONERY was founded in 1952 by PETER IOANNOU in Thessaloniki. Persistence and dedication in creating only quality products based on pure raw materials contributed to the development of the company and a demand for a broader variety. Today, we have created 17 different categories and more than 400 kinds of pastries for our customers which expose safety for the present and our commitment for the future. Having invested in state of the art technology and machines, pure raw material and highly trained personnel our company can produce products of high quality in excellent conditions, taking into consideration our values.



Hellenic Agricultural Organization – “DEMETER” (DEMETER) is the national body responsible for the agricultural research and technology in Greece. It consists of several research institutes and units, mainly located in the Northern Greece. Each institute owns experimental stations in various locations, according to the subject and the type of research that is conducting. The total number of the permanent stuff is approximately 700. DEMETER comprises specialized scientific staff of significant research capacity, with modern laboratory and field infrastructure at their disposal. It supports and coordinates initiatives for agricultural development suggested by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the agricultural cooperatives, the agro-sector industry, product distributors, grower’s groups etc. New scientific knowledge and technological innovations are directed towards creating a dynamic and competitive agriculture, which are environmentally friendly and capable of providing healthier and higher quality agricultural products. DEMETER constantly strives for improving the competitiveness of Greek agricultural products in the international market.

The Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources of DEMETER, located in Thessaloniki, is the main foundation in Greece specialized in plant science including cereals, industrial plants ect. Its main activities include breeding, physiology, agronomy, quality of agricultural products etc. Rice unit operates a 50 ha experimental station dedicated to rice. The rice research unit has participated in several EU projects such as RESGEN 96, EURICE and EURIGEN, SMARTPADDY, RICEGUARD, ERMES and AGROCYCLE.

The Institute owns a fully equipped analytical laboratory specialized in methods for the evaluation of the quality of cereals. Nowadays, research has also focused on developing bio-functional products with novel properties for human consumption.



ERGOPLANNING LTD is a modern consulting company, accredited agricultural advisory structure and certified single payment application host, operating since 2001 in the field of integrated technical and financial support for rural and industrial businesses and public organizations. The company develops and implements national and community funding programs for businesses and organizations and oversees integrated investment projects. Ergoplanning is also active in the field of project planning and development. The Company’s Quality Policy remains consistent and is based on the implementation of the developed and installed Quality Management System, designed in accordance with ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2000.


The business activities include a wide range of services that are integrated and implemented in support of both private client companies and public organizations. Among other things, the company offers opportunity recognition and research services to finance technology, investment and business research activities under national or European programs, actions and initiatives, bank loans and Venture Capital companies, as well as in the monitoring and management of investment projects. on behalf of businesses, institutions and organizations.

In addition, it offers services to Rural & Livestock Enterprises, such as financing studies for Rural Businesses, preparation of Action Plans for Young Farmers – First Setting Premiums, technical support in the implementation of development programs and more. Other occupations of the business include the following: Services to agricultural organizations (eg set up, producer group organization, producer group business plans), Services for the implementation of innovative technologies in the agricultural sector, Services for agrotourism & agro-industrial enterprises, Organization and operation of RES plants using biomass – biogas, such as planning and authorization of biogas & biomass power plants, Services to small and medium-sized enterprises, such as studies to subsidize investment projects funded j from national and EU funds (NDP – ROP – NSRF).



Qlab is anaccredited analytical laboratory, with a main focus on providing intergrated services to agri-food companies and the bioenergy industry, with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced scientific staff in the fields of chemical, soil, agricultural and microbiological analysis.

With continuous investment in equipment, organization, know-how and human resources, Qlab is growing steadily, systematically enriching the services provided, being a reliable partner and consultant.

The establishment of the R&D department and the incorporation of 3D-printing and 3D bioprinting capabilities opened a bright new page in the operations of the company, diversifying and enriching the potentials for innovation.

In addition to meeting the needs of the market in the field of testing and quality control, a Research and Development department, which under takes the design and development of prototypes and pilot constructions has been setup. Specialized Chemical and technical studies, such as Lifecycle Assessment(LCA), Techno-economic Assessment(TEA), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Safety Data Sheets(DDA), etc are elaborated. Integrated services are provided from the design to the technical and consulting support of the projects, while at the same time new technologies of design of prototypes and models are adopted, such as 3D-printing.

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